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Mycoplasma Test Description
The ABCF offers a weekly mycoplasmal contamination screening service for tissue culture samples with a selective biochemical assay that detects the presence of conserved mycoplasmal enzymes (MycoAlertTMPlus, Lonza). This system is very sensitive, detecting < 50 cfu/ml and covers a wide variety of Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma, Entomoplasma and Spiroplasma species, except Ureaplasma.

For the most accurate results, you need to prepare the samples as described in theFAQ. This procedure maximizes the titer of live Mycoplasma in the conditioned media. The ABCF cannot be held responsible for false negatives resulting from samples that do not meet these criteria.

Please refer to the FAQs to learn:
  • How to prepare samples
  • How to register to place your order
  • When & where to drop off your samples
  • Viewing results

Call the facility with any questions during normal business hours of 9 AM to 5 PM:
  • MSKCC ZRC Z-1553/51: 646-888-2331
  • RU Site Bronk 415: 212-327-7030

  • You must be a registered and approved user by your PI with valid cost center / fund number at the time of order.
  • You must physically submit your samples before the 10 AM deadline on Wednesday (usual testing day).
  • For weeks with mid-week holiday occurrences, please call /email the facility to find out about our alternate testing day.