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Cell Line Distribution

Procuring a Cell Line:

As a bi-institutional facility the Antibody and Bioresource Core Facility distributes cell lines developed at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and The Rockefeller University. If the facility does not possess one developed at these institutions, we will make every effort to identify a source from which we can procure it.
All cell lines submitted to the facility after 2013:
  • Have tested negative for mycoplasma
  • Pass other cell line-specific tests to access the quality of the culture (e.g. karyotyping for stem cells)
  • Come with the STR profile for the cell lines and a comprehensive information sheet
The cost for one vial is dependent on how expensive it is to culture and the tests performed to confirm the culture is good enough to distribute, but have historically been less than ATCC rates.
Send all inquires to and we will reply within 1 business day indicating if we carry the cell line and how much it will cost.

Depositing a Cell Line:

Researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center or The Rockefeller University who would prefer to have the core facility distribute published cell lines they have developed can deposit them. The process involves: No cell lines will be distributed without your consent. When researchers request the cell line from you, simply direct them to the Antibody and Bioresource Core Facility at and we will handle everything, including getting an MTA fully executed. If they come directly to the facility, they will be directed to seek your approval first.

There is NO COST for the deposit IF the facility distributes enough vials of the cell line in the first year to cover the cost of creating the stock. If not, then the difference is charged to the depositing lab.

This service is designed for published and well-characterized cells lines, but not as a cryogenic back up for laboratory stocks.

For further information: