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In Vivo FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can MAbs produced by the facility be used in vivo (in animals)?

  • Yes. But before they can be administered to research animals, they need to be tested for the presence of viruses that could infect the animal as well as the rest of the colony. Many, but not all, of the MAbs carried by the ABCF have been tested and found negative for all tested pathogens. If they pass testing, it is indicated as such on this web site. Simply click "Shop for a MAb" under "Established MAbs" in the navigation bar and then choose "Additional Information" on the right-hand side of the screen. If the hybridoma has NOT been tested (i.e., nothing after the field title "MAP:"), then request testing by e-mailing the facility at The screen results are usually back in about two weeks from when the sample is submitted.

  • Does the facility produce GMP/GLP quality MAbs?

  • NO. MAbs are for research purposes only! Although the facility follows standard operating procedures, it has NOT been certified as a GLP or GMP facility. Thus, the MAbs distributed by the ABCF cannot be administered to humans. If you need GMP-grade MAbs, please call the facility manager at 646-888-2331 or send an e-mail to for further informaiton.